Adult Literacy Makes A Difference!



The documentary, My Brother's Keeper, shares a story about a young New York woman whose life was turned around by an adult literacy program.  Her story is typical of many of the young adults with great potential who seek help from The Newland Center. 




 You all do such great things everyday.  You give everyone a chance to succeed and a pride that lets them know they can make the changes in their lives.  Thank you for letting me share in a part of the program.  - Mary Fay


"Twenty years ago, I went to night school. Since I've been coming to The Newland Center, I have learned vowels,word sounds, spelling,compuond words, reading stories and writing letters. I have made a big improvement from when I first came. The one-on-one teaching makes learningeasier for me. Learning to read nad write makes me happy. I am more happy now knowing I can read. I believe reading helps a person get ahead. I have good teachers." A NC Student


"I have enjoyed The Newland Center because of the friendly volunteers and the time they give us. The Newland Center is a convenience to me and I love coming here. They give me books to take home and review. I learned a lot since I've been here."

J. Gabriel, Student


"I was told I have a learning disability, but my tutor helped me study for the GED and I took the test & passed it. He also helped me as I went on to Onondaga Community College and graduated from Syracuse University.:

Harry P.


"I think that the financial literacy(class) was a very fufilling experience in learning the material. I can't thank the people enough for teaching me about managing my budgeting."