Success Stories....





Emmanuel came to the Center from Ghana in 2015.  He wanted to pass the High School Equivalency Test (TASC).He worked diligently to prepare for it and along the way learned how to make a snowman, which he had never done before! In June 2016 he passed his test and is now attending Onondaga Community College!



Daniel has attended our program on and off for several years. He participated in a “financial workshop” and worked hard trying to find time to study for the TASC Test. In June 2016 he passed his test and is looking forward to his future.

Palm has been in the United States for two years. He is a wonderful artist. It will take him more time to pass his TASC test because of the language barrier. A grant from the Rotary Foundation in 2016 has given Palm an opportunity to take a course in ceramics at Onondaga Community College to encourage his artistic talent and give him college credit!


Colleta wrote a story from her childhood in Kenya and through a grant she was able to have it printed in booklet form. She has been studying for her TASC Test and just has the math part left to pass. While she is waiting we felt she would enjoy an English class at Onondaga Community College so with another grant we were able to provide her with that opportunity!